And Still the Snow Comes

It is days like today when I’m trapped in the house once more, that I wonder what it would be like to live in a land of tropical beauty. The weather depresses me so that, like the bear that hides away for the entire wintery months, I feel like I could crawl up under the blankets in my bed and sleep the weeks away. I watch tiny snowflakes fall down onto the already white ground and envision the beautiful greens, soft pinks, and vibrant yellows of spring. I dream of laying out in the sun soaking up every ray that the bright sun has to offer and forget of the cold winter winds that bite at my skin and sting my lungs. It’s strange to me that even in my stupor new story ideas coming washing over me, giving me an escape from the torture of the cold and depression.

How can a world be so white, but dreary? My heart longs for warm water wrapped around me and giving me body the weightlessness that my heart feels. I miss the long summer days and laying under the stars that twinkle down at me, telling me they missed me too. Swinging on the porch while reading my favorite books, the sounds of the occasional humming bird in the background. The smell of warm, freshly cut grass and few a blossoms too. All these memories flood me, making me even more tired and anxious for the days when shoes are no longer required.

And so I leave you with my thoughts and issues, hoping that your hearts are lighter than my own. My question for everyone is what is your favorite season and why? What memories do you have that it make it your favorite?